How We Do It

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Early Neutral Information Meeting

What you need to know to figure out what you need to do …

During this meeting, you and your partner will meet with experienced neutral family, financial and legal professionals who will provide information and answer your questions about how to move forward with your separation.

Here is what we will cover:


Family Information

Children and Separation: Protecting your children from conflict
  • What children need at different ages and stages of development
  • Parenting Plans: what are they and how are they developed
  • Talking to children about your separation
You and your partner
  • Understand how you and your partner can prepare for the process
  • What might be necessary to transition your relationship in a constructive way


Financial Information

Property Division: Equalization of Net Family Property
  • What is it
  • What is involved
  • What gets divided
  • How is it done
Income Sharing: Child and Spousal Support
  • The mechanics of Child and Spousal Support
  • How income is determined
  • Special and extraordinary expenses
Special Situations
  • Pensions
  • Family Business
  • Executive Compensation Programs


Legal Information

  • Importance of dates
  • Deductions and Exclusions
  • Implications of Marriage and Cohabitation Contracts
  • Matrimonial Home
    • Special considerations
    • Timing of moving out
  • Common Law Relationships
Income Sharing: Child and Spousal Support
  • Guidelines and Principles
  • Impact of Shared Parenting
Other Legal Information
  • Full financial disclosure
  • Durable agreements
  • Independent Legal Advice
  • Separation Agreements and Divorce Orders
  • Process options
Choosing your legal professionals
  • What to consider