The Neutral Zone™

What We Do
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At The Neutral Zone, we help you get started by providing information tailored to your individual and family situation. You will learn about: Financial issues related to property and support Considerations in developing age appropriate parenting plans The impact of … Read More

How We Do It
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Early Neutral Information Meeting What you need to know to figure out what you need to do … During this meeting, you and your partner will meet with experienced neutral family, financial and legal professionals who will provide information and … Read More

Who Can Help
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How can various professionals help us move forward after our information meeting? Financial Professionals Collect and understand the financial information and implications for the future Explore Options for settling your property and sharing your income … Read More

Frequently Asked Questions
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What is the advantage of a meeting with neutral professionals? Separation is not just a legal issue; it involves changes in relationships and finances. You will meet with financial, family and legal professionals in one visit. You and your partner … Read More

About Us
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We are independent professionals. After years of experience working as family, financial and legal professionals we recognized the importance of providing people going through separation and divorce with unbiased information at the outset. Initially financial professionals Jane Tremblay and Alison … Read More

Training for Professionals
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We offer training for family, financial and legal professionals …Read More

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